Workplace will not reopen after Exiting the application

By default when you exit out of Workplace, it will not exit the application but instead minimize it to the System Tray. When you click on the exit button you will get a message that says the following:

After minimizing Workplace if you try to run the program through the Desktop Shortcut it will not run. This is because Workplace is still active in the system try. You will need to follow these steps to change the functionality of the Exit button in Workplace:

  1. Open up your Workplace Settings
  2. Click on the Views Tab
  3. At the bottom of this tab select the Exit Application option
  4. Hit Ok to apply the Settings.





If you are an Administrator and would like to deploy this setting to all users follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Administrator options
  2. Go to the Company User Settings tab
  3. Navigate to the drop down for Views
  4. Find the Exit Button row, make sure the deployable column has Shutdown checked
  5. Make sure there is a check under the Deploy Column (And under the locked column if you would like to prevent users from manually changing this setting)
  6. Hit the Save and Deploy button

Workplace will now Shutdown the Application when a user hits the Exit button!

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