Status Board

Custom-designed large-screen digital signage solution created to display critical information viewable at a glance.


Savance Status Board is a fully custom large-screen digital signage solution designed to display any information in real-time, viewable at a glance. Use it for employee status updates, company announcements, resource tracking, and much more. Great as a replacement for old-school magnetic in out boards.

Custom-Designed Large Screen Status Displays

Custom-Branded & Fully Customizable

Customize to show the info that matters most to you. Display names, statuses, and any other information accessible from Savance’s Electronic In Out Board. Our in-house design team will create multiple design mockups for you to choose from based on your requirements — custom-branded to fit your organization.

Real-Time Updates from Multiple Interfaces

Large format displays receive real-time updates from Savance Electronic In Out Board’s web-based, mobile, PC application, or kiosk interfaces. Update from anywhere.

Savance Electronic In Out Board Interface Options
Interactive Large Screen Display Board

Use as an Interactive In Out Board

Using a touch screen rather than a static display will allow your Status Board to function as an interactive status board, replacing old-school magnetic in out boards. Staff can simply touch their name or scan their access card to update statuses, add comments, and more.

Integrate with Your Access Control System

Integrate with access control for quick scan-of-badge status changes as staff comes and goes. Want a simpler setup, but the same quick status updates? Add a proximity card reader to the display board itself, or a free-standing staff kiosk for checking in and out.

Integrate Large Screen Display Boards with Access Control

Additional Features

Mixed Content

Want to show contact information, weather, or company announcements? No problem.

Plug & Play

Savance Display Kits come with everything you need, including.display, wall mount, and micro-PC. Or provide your own hardware.

Any Size Display

We offer display sizes from 22in to 70in. Need something bigger? Opt to supply your own device, or let us help you source what you need.

Fully Scalable

Fully scalable to any size organization. Organize staff by group, location, department, and more.

Multiple Mounting Options

Depending on your needs and the layout of your status board, we can design your Large Screen Display in portrait or landscape mode.

Optional Security Measures

For increased security, opt to require a pin or an employee badge to make changes and send messages.

Hardware Integration

Attach an RFID card scanner or barcode reader to allow for quick status updates on touch-screen displays.

Use for Emergency Management

Use with Savance Emergency Mustering for an instant status view of muster points during an emergency evacuation.

Customer Testimonials

LM Wind Power - GE

We’re very happy with the Savance system. It works well, and it looks good too. We receive a lot of complements on it from guests and intracompany colleagues.

Brad Field

EHS Manager, GE – LM Wind Power

New Mexico EMNRD Logo

With the Savance EIOBoard system, we are able to display the status of employee availability on everyone’s computers and in common areas. This has made it easier to tell which employees are available and has helped us improve overall efficiency.

Caleb Raymer

CISO, State of New Mexico EMNRD

HomeCare Health Services & Hospice Logo

It ended questions like ‘when is so-and-so coming back? Now they can just look on the board in the commons area and it relays the information.

Jeremy Seidl

Operations Manager HomeCare



Thyssen Mining

Thyssen Mining



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Savance Status Board

Custom-designed large-screen digital signage solution created to display critical information viewable at a glance.

Seamless Integration

Electronic In Out Board Interfaces

Savance EIOBoard

Easy-to-use digital in/out board that works in realtime. Multiple interface options allow staff to quickly update their status using a computer, a staff kiosk, or a mobile device.

Electronic Emergency Management Solution

Savance Emergency Mustering

Affordable and easy-to-use electronic emergency management solution. Quickly account for staff, visitors, and contractors in the event of an emergency.