System Status

System Status:

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Current Notes:

3/15/23 11:15 AM EST – One web server was unresponsive from 10:26 to 11:15 AM. This may have caused connectivity issues if the interface was trying to connect to that particular web server.

Recent Notes:

11/22/22 8:00am EST – Database server issue causing a brief outage that resulted in user connection errors. Resolved by clearing connections and restarting database engine. Looking into root cause.

11/22/22 9:30am EST – Production database log file issue out of space causing cascading and intermittent problems. Production technical team is working on resolving it. Expected resolution in 30-60 minutes.

11/22/22 9:52am EST – Issue resolved by clearing out some logs and expanding storage.

12/17/22 8:10pm EST – Resolved. 7:41pm to 7:43pm EST. The web portal was available but responded with an error page. A long-running task with real-time priority prevented many web requests.