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Brivo is a leading provider of a modernized, cloud-based access control system. Their platform offers simple solutions to easily manage and monitor physical security for anything from small and single facilities to multifamily residential spaces and large enterprises. Brivo’s mission is to protect the safety of lives, assets, and facilities while using the highest quality of solutions.

Their door readers and mobile credentials (available with IOS devices) offer an elegant, secure, and convenient solution for access control, merging modern aesthetics with advanced functionality. Their smart readers, designed to compliment any building or space, enable entry via smartphones and watches, eliminating the need for a traditional, physical card or fob. The Brivo Mobile Pass app further enhances this experience for keyless entry with the added security of encrypted smart cards and multi-factor authentication, including biometrics. For futher information, explore their readers here.

Supported Solutions

Integration Features:

Sync users and credentials

Sync reader events

Activate and deactivate credentials

Open doors, turnstiles, and barrier gates

Use Cases:

Creating unattended entrances

Automating status updates with reader events

Issuing credentials to visitors and staff

Streamlining security and operations

Brivo & Savance Workplace
Solutions Overview Video

Video explaining how Savance offers solutions for Visitor Management, Health Screening, Electronic In/Out Board, Large Screen Display and Time & Attendance with the option of integrating with any access control system, including Brivo.

  • Integrating Brivo’s cloud access control system with Savance Workplace’s cloud platform gives integrators the foundation they need to solve problems like enabling unattended access, enforcing contractor compliance, maintaining workforce accountability, and ensuring life safety during emergencies.

Brivo in the Blog

If there was a disaster in your facilities today, would you know who to account for? Would you spend time looking for an employee that left the building without telling anyone? Would you know to look for a delivery driver that happened to be on site at the wrong time? If a visitor was missing during a fire drill, would you know what they look like, where to find them, or how to contact them?...

Savance & Brivo
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