Galaxy Access Control

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Galaxy Access Control

Galaxy Access Control is a leading technology provider renowned for its innovative solutions in access control and cloud computing. With a focus on driving efficiency and security, they offer a comprehensive suite of services for organizations of all sizes and shapes across industries in commercial, education, government, and more.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company delivers scalable cloud solutions and robust cybersecurity with mobile apps, badging, and more. Their Cloud Concierge is a powerful suite of cloud-based computing services for real-time monitoring of your access control from anywhere. With their strong customer-centric approach, Galaxy is dedicated to providing businesses with a digital transformation and success.

Supported Solutions

Integration Features:

Sync users and credentials

Sync reader events

Activate and deactivate credentials

Open doors, turnstiles, and barrier gates

Use Cases:

Creating unattended entrances

Automating status updates with reader events

Issuing credentials to visitors and staff

Streamlining security and operations

Galaxy & Savance Workplace
Solutions Overview Video

Video explaining how Savance offers solutions for Visitor Management, Health Screening, Electronic In/Out Board, Large Screen Display and Time & Attendance with the option of integrating with any access control system, including Galaxy Systems.

Savance & Galaxy
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