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Kantech, a part of Johnson Controls, specializes in access control solutions, including Hattrix and Entrapass. They offer a range of security management systems tailored to any size business. With a strong focus on reliability and scalability, Kantech empowers organizations to safeguard their assets and ensure secure access to their facilities.

Their door readers offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet various security needs, including smart card readers for heightened security, proximity card readers for reliable performance in diverse environments, and multi-technology readers capable of handling different protocols and frequencies. They also feature biometric recognition for advanced identity verification through physical features like fingerprints or hand geometry. This diverse range ensures Kantech can accommodate a wide array of access control requirements. For more details, visit their website at Kantech.

Supported Solutions

Integration Features:

Sync users and credentials

Sync reader events

Activate and deactivate credentials

Open doors, turnstiles, and barrier gates

Use Cases:

Creating unattended entrances

Automating status updates with reader events

Issuing credentials to visitors and staff

Streamlining security and operations

Kantech & Savance Workplace
Solutions Overview Video

Video explaining how Savance offers solutions for Visitor Management, Health Screening, Electronic In/Out Board, Large Screen Display and Time & Attendance with the option of integrating with any access control system, including Kantech.

  • Thanks to the strong partnership and integration between Savance and Johnson Controls [Kantech], Savance was the first and only recommendation for an integrated life safety system.

Savance & Kantech
Featured Case Study

Messer Case Study Illustration


  • This solution is part of our life safety system, and it helps us quickly and accurately track personnel during emergencies without having to worry about paper lists.
Case study featuring Savance Electronic In Out Board, Emergency Mustering, Status Board and Visitor Management with Johnson Controls Kantech access control integration.

Savance & Kantech
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