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Unattended access made simple


ProdataKey (PDK) is a mobile-first, cloud-based access control that is simple, easy-to-use, and scalable from small businesses to enterprise organizations. PDK provides first-class solutions that are intuitive and put user experience first. Their core values are centered around partnership, trust, and stewardship; and they are an innovator in the access control industry.

Supported Solutions

Integration Features:

Sync users and credentials

Sync reader events

Activate and deactivate credentials

Open doors, turnstiles, and barrier gates

Use Cases:

Creating unattended entrances

Automating status updates with reader events

Issuing credentials to visitors and staff

Streamlining security and operations

ProDatakey & Savance Workplace
Barcode Visitor Pass Demo Video

Video exploring how Savance and PDK can create an auto-credential management system that allows you to control lift/barrier gates, turnstiles, and doors through a QR code that can be emailed or sent to a pre-registered visitor via email or text message.

Savance & PDK
Featured Case Studies

Holladay Park Plaza Savance - PDK Access Control Integration Case Study Illustration

Holladay Park Plaza

  • We were using EasyLobby, and it was incredibly archaic and clunky.
Case study featuring Savance Visitor Management with PDK access control integration. The system was also used for Health Screening during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Forest at Duke Case Study Illustration: Savance + PDK Access Control Integration

The Forest at Duke

  • If you don’t go through screening at the kiosk, you don’t get into the building.
Case study featuring Health Screening with PDK access control integration, implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now used for Visitor Management.
UMN Student Organization Minnesota Hillel Case Study

Minnesota Hillel, UMN

  • We did not have a detailed or consistent process for visitors to check in. We wanted a solution that was efficient [and] detailed.
Case study featuring Savance Visitor Management with PDK access control sync for event management.
Modern Systems - Savance PDK Integration Partner Case Study Illustration

PDK Integrator Case Study:
Modern Systems, Inc.

  • It was completely painless for us as an integrator. From the setup to the design, everybody knew what it was going to look like at the end.
Featuring PDK integrator and Savance Workplace partner Modern Systems, this case study shows the Savance Workplace and PDK integration from an access control integrator’s perspective.
  • It was the best product we found that was able to capture all the features we were looking for. Savance’s partnership and direct collaboration with PDK was also a big benefit to us.

PDK in the Blog

Savance wants to thank our partners at Prodatakey for another great event last week, this time the PDK Red Meet BBQ Cook-Off. Steve Bardocz attended on behalf of Savance, and his summary says it all: We were honored to sponsor one of our best partners’......

We’re excited to introduce a new Savance case study, featuring Holladay Park Plaza, a large apartment-based retirement community in Portland, OR. Savance was happy to help Holladay upgrade from its incredibly archaic visitor management system (their words, not ours), to a cloud-based Savance solution integrated......

Savance & PDK
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