Temperature Scanning Kiosk

Temperature Screening Kiosk for Staff and Visitors

Return to work safely with a question and temperature screening kiosk from Savance

Temperature and Questions Screening Solutions

Proactive Options to Ensure Visitor & Team Safety
COVID-19 Screening Questions for Visitors, Contractors and Staff

Workplace Screening Kiosk

Customize check-in questions for staff and visitors to screen for risk of virus symptoms. Optional staff and visitor temperature screener available.

Visitor Kiosk with Temperature Scanner for COVID-19 Screening

Temperature Screening Kiosk

Hands-free and fully automated temperature screening for staff and visitors.

COVID-19 Screening: Customize Questions & Automatically Check Visitor or Staff Temperature

Custom Question and Temperature Screening

  • Ask screening questions like, “Are you experiencing any flu-like symptoms?” to staff, visitors, and contractors
  • Accurately (+-0.5° C) check and log temperature of staff, visitors, and contractors (optional with temperature device)
  • Alert staff via text and/or e-mail if temperature not in the range or for concerning question responses
  • Control access through a gate, turnstile, door, etc.
  • Audit information immediately reportable from cloud or on-premise fully customizable reporting

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