Savance Time & Attendance

Electronic timesheet solution to automate data collection, and process payroll quickly and accurately


A flexible, hassle-free electronic timesheet solution for employees, managers, and administrators alike, Time & Attendance helps eliminate the administrative tasks associated with paper-and punch clock-based processes — and minimize payroll errors. Now included as part of Savance Electronic In Out Board.

Easy Electronic Timesheet Solution

Eliminate paper-based time and attendance tracking methods, and simplify work life for everyone involved. Employees can clock in and out by scanning or swiping a badge, via a computer, or by using a touch screen check-in kiosk.

Configurable Payroll Time Calculation Rules

Customize the solution by entering configurable business rules. Automatically apply overtime, time off, meal breaks, paid vacation time, and more.

Configurable Payroll Time Calculation Rules
ADP, Quickbooks, Paychex Integration

Payroll Software Integration

Quickly review and export employee timesheet data, formatted to your payroll company’s specifications. Integrates with payroll companies like ADP, Paychex, and Quickbooks.

Time Tracking for Offsite Employees

Eliminate the problem of trying to accurately account for offsite employees. Employees working remotely simply check in from their home or other offsite location, using an Internet browser or a mobile device.

Man working from home on laptop

Additional Features

Multiple Interface Options

Using the Savance Electronic In Out Board, employees can clock in and out using a computer app, a web browser, or a mobile device.

Fully Scalable

Fully configurable from 10 to 10,000 employees.

Add a Physical Kiosk/Timeclock

Add a Savance kiosk for a more traditional timeclock, allowing staff to clock in and out as they come and go.

Access Control Integration

Integrate with your access control system to calculate time based on access control door swipes.

Customer Testimonials

BSI Designs

EIOBoard makes it easier to compile and run reports on our employees, saving us a tremendous amount of time.

Andrew Lee

Payroll Manager,
BSI Designs

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

We can analyze work patterns, schedule compliance with all regulations, and we know who is in the building and where. Doing these necessary tasks accurately was almost impossible with our antiquated pencil and paper systems.

Brian Burgess

ICA of Greater Victoria

Anresco Laboratories

the Savance system had time tracking and PTO tracking, and it also integrated with infinias door readers. We can let employees in and out of the building and also track their time.

Tai Ly

Operations Manager,
Anresco Laboratories

Anresco Laboratories

Anresco Laboratories

ICA of Greater Victoria

ICA of Greater Victoria

BSI Designs

BSI Designs

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Savance Time & Attendance

Electronic timesheet solution to automate data collection, and process payroll quickly and accurately.

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