Unattended Access

Unattended Lobby or Reception Area - Automated Access Control Illustration

Unattended Lobby

Leverage alerts and door control through a relay module or your existing access control system, and create a completely automated and fully unattended lobby or reception area.


Why and how organizations are moving towards unattended entrances and lobbies

With rising labor costs and the labor shortage, many organizations find themselves looking for alternatives to attending an entrance or lobby during all hours of the day. Some facilities are looking to have an attended lobby or guard shack during normal business hours, but provide limited and controlled approved access to a parking garage, parking lot, building, or facility.

Other facilities want to track every person entering and exiting out of a facility for various reasons. For example, for PCI compliance and health and safety purposes, some organizations are required to keep a log of every person that enters a building or a certain area. Paper logs monitored by people attending to a lobby or entrance gate were typically the only way to solve this problem affordably. Besides that, a physical access control system may also be able handle the challenge, but it doesn’t make it easy for you to allow access and tracking of visitors and contractors, or even employees. While access control systems can control access, they do not provide an easy way for you to capture additional information or ensure conformance with safety and legal requirements. What’s the solution? A self-service kiosk. We’ve all used one by now: at the airport, checking out at the grocery store, or ordering at a fast food restaurant.

Streamline and automate your entrance

Enforce security and compliance

Ensure everyone meets all requirements for entry

Divert and/or save resources

Achieve an ironclad audit trail and complete accountability

Savance Technology

The access control + self-service kiosk solution for unattended access

Savance Workplace has the technology to allow any organization to place an indoor or outdoor kiosk near an entrance gate, parking garage, guard shack, lobby, or similar, to collect any information about an employee, guest, visitor, or contractor. This self-service kiosk can ensure safety and security conformance, provide health screening, provide physical access to authorized individuals, and prevent access for those that have been internally flagged or in an online watchlist.

  • The perfect thing about a kiosk is that it never waivers, is always on the job, and does not make exceptions. It will follow the policies that you put in place – even for the nicest people who don’t have time to watch the safety video right now. No exceptions!

How to Control Access

Here are a few different options when it comes to granting access:

Access Control System

Utilize a new or existing the access control system to open the door, turnstyle, or barrier gate directly.

Relay Module

Go through a relay module into the access control system or directly to the electronic lock, and have that control access.

QR Code

Print a name tag with a QR code or send an e-mail or text with a QR code, and allow that QR code to control access.

Using the Self-Service Kiosk to Collect Information

Collect any type of information or date with electronic visitor management

Collect Any Information

A Savance self-service kiosk allows organizations to collect name, company, who you are here to see, and just about any other question you can think of. The system has a question editor flowchart and supports unlimited questions and paths based on the response of each question.

Collect any type of information or date with electronic visitor management
Visitor online pre-registration

Time-Saving Options for Painless Visitor Registration

To speed up the process for visitors, and to make the entire check-in process as painless as possible, answers can be pre-filled out by staff, and then be verified or skipped when the person arrives. Visitors and contractors can also optionally complete online pre-registration prior to arrival. Finally, the system can also be configured to remember previous answers and either default to those answers or skip them on future visits.

Improve Safety & Conformance

To help with safety and conformance, the system can capture a picture, have people watch a safety video, sign an NDA, agree to terms and conditions, and more. Health, Environment, and Safety (HSE) professionals can make sure people are aware of safety protocols and policies, legal can ensure people sign NDAs or legally agree to critical legal forms to mitigate the organization’s risk and exposure, and management/operations can ensure vendor compliance with certifications and training requirements before granting access.

Using the Self-Service Kiosk to Prevent Unauthorized Access & to Increase Security

  • Pre-Registration

    By allowing visitors and contractors to be pre-registered by authorized staff through a web browser, from a mobile device, imported from a spreadsheet, or added through an Outlook appointment, only those who are authorized are allowed access.

  • Scan QR and/or Driver's License

    Once a visitor is pre-registered, they are sent an e-mail from a customized template that includes a # or a QR code that can be entered and scanned at the kiosk. Visitors and contractors can scan their state-issued ID or driver's license or enter their name manually.

  • Watchlists

    Besides the system checking that a person is authorized during that time frame, the person can also be checked against an internal watchlist and validated in real-time. In addition, online watchlists such as FedCheck can be subscribed to in order to provide real-time checks against sex offender, criminal, corporate espionage, and other lists.

  • Facial Recognition Icon

    Facial Recognition

    If additional security measures are required to identify people or validate that they are who they say they are, facial recognition can be added as yet another level of security.

Samples of Solutions Created for Customers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Unattended Visitor/Contractor Management Solution with Pre-Registration and QR Sign-out


Ensuring contractor compliance & knowing who is onsite

A big pain point for steel manufacturer Nucor was contractor compliance and knowing who was onsite at any given time. The solution to the problem was an integration between Savance Workplace and Nucor’s Galaxy access control system. Contractors pre-register before coming in and then check in upon arrival at a self-service kiosk where they scan a QR code. The long term goal is for Nucor’s contractor management system to also tie into Emergency Mustering for both visitors and staff.

Nouryon visitor management kiosk


Managing turnstile access through unattended visitor self check-in

Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals company, uses a Savance Visitor Management system directly integrated with Brivo’s cloud access control system. Upon completing the requirements of the self check-in process, each visitor receives a name tag with a barcode. The barcode, in turn, is then used at a turnstile equipped with a build-in Qscan Mini barcode scanner that sends Wiegand to a Brivo door controller to provide access through the turnstile.

Huber visitor management


Handling visitor access through QR code-based visitor badges

Huber Engineered Woods, part of the J.M. Huber Corporation, needed an unattended Visitor Management system tied to its Kantech access control system. Once visitors have completed the check-in process requirements using a self-service visitor kiosk equipped with a camera and a barcode reader, they receive a label/badge with a QR code to be used for access control during their stay, as well as for easy sign-out upon departure.

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