Automated Credential Management

Automatic Credential Management Illustration

Visitor Management

Auto Credential Management

Completely automate your credential process

Set default access for contractors and regular visitors

Automatically generate badge upon successful screening

Automatically deactivate credentials based on several different criteria

Automated Credential Management

Completely automate your credentials process to save time and money, as well as speed up your process. Savance Workplace’s Auto-Credential Management feature  allows you to create credentials for visitors for a completely unattended lobby.

Savance Automatic Credential Management Screenshot with PDK Access Control Integration
Credentials Screening & Activation Process

Screening & Activation

The process starts with standard screening. Visitors or contractors can complete any required health screenings, watch safety videos, sign potential NDAs and complete a real-time background check. Upon a successful screening, a badge is activated and can be sent to the users phone or printed. To further increase on-premise efficiency, this can also be done by pre-registration.

Credential Deactivation

A visitor or contractors credentials can be automatically deactivated based on several pre-determined settings. You can set the credentials to expire after a certain time period, automatically at midnight or with a failed screening.

Automated Credential Deactivation Screenshot

Use Case

Automated Lift Barrier Gate Illustration

Fully Automatic & Unattended Lift Barrier Gate

Savance Automatic Credential Management can also be used to create a fully unattended lift gate. Visitors can pre-register, including a full screening process, and use their automated credentials to open the barrier gate.