Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

The fastest way for visitors to check in and update their status as they enter, move through, and leave your facilities

Unlock the future, one face at a time

Create a frictionless experience for employees and visitors with complete accountability as their status information is updated with facial authentication.

Check visitors in and update their status effortlessly with facial recognition

Provide visitors and contractors with the most frictionless experience possible as they enter your facilities. With instant identification and seamless integration with your access control system, facial recognition empowers future-proof facilities with effortless entry and accountability for visitors and contractors.

Highlighted Features

Easy to use

Instant identification

Seamless integration with any access control system

How Does It Work?

Easy to use

It doesn’t get any easier than using biometrics as your credential. There isn’t a badge to lose, a credential to send, or a label to print. Once registered for facial recognition, people can sign in at a kiosk or a reader instantly without breaking their stride. With a frictionless system for identifying people and granting them access, organizations can ensure safety, security, and accountability.

Instant identification of visitors and contractors

Thanks to AI and advances in biometric technology, Savance Workplace is able to instantly recognize faces that are enrolled in the system, resulting in precise and reliable access. People can simply walk up to a scanner that is either attached to a kiosk or a door, and they will instantly be identified.

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Integrate with your access control

Extend the use of your new or existing access control by integrating with Savance Visitor Management and Facial Recognition. We support any door control system and are constantly growing in number of providers.

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Custom branded kiosks

It is our belief that your software and hardware solution from Savance should have a look that fits your company, not ours. We will design your self check-in kiosk to match or complement your specific branding and style.

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Guarantee a smooth and productive visitor experience at your facility

Enhancing safety and security in your facilities

Utilize facial recognition technology to enhance your facility’s security protocols by cross-referencing visitors and contractors against watchlists or conducting background checks, providing peace of mind for both you and your staff.

Reduced reliance on physical credentials

Reduce reliance on physical credentials such as drivers licenses or identification cards to eliminate the need for visitors to carry and manage multiple items. Allow facial recognition to do the work for you while users don’t need to hassle over lost or forgotten credentials during arrival.

Seamless Integration

Electronic In Out Board Interfaces

Savance EIOBoard

Easy-to-use digital in/out board that works in realtime. Multiple interface options allow staff to quickly update their status using a computer, a staff kiosk, or a mobile device.

Electronic Emergency Management Solution

Savance Emergency Mustering

Affordable and easy-to-use electronic emergency management solution. Quickly account for staff, visitors, and contractors in the event of an emergency.

VHC Health

  • Security incidents have been reduced, and knowing the positive identity of non-employees has allowed our Security team to identify persons involved in security-related incidents, something that has had a direct impact on improving the safety of the environment at our facility.
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  • Savance provides great support and have customizable, easy-to-use solutions for issues like ours.

Children’s National Health

  • The significance is visibility. Patients see where they stand in the queue. Staff can proactively keep workflows moving. And administrators base staffing and scheduling decisions on real data.

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Facial Recognition

The fastest way for visitors to check in and update their status as they enter, move through, and leave your facilities