Self Check-In Kiosk

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Self Check-In Kiosk

Empower your entry with a seamless, easy-to-use self check-in system for visitors, contractors, and staff


Drastically change the way visitors, staff, patients, and contractors sign in at your facility to save time and enhance security.

Streamlined Check-In Experience

Savance Workplace self check-in kiosks are designed to redefine your facility’s check-in experience for visitors, contractors, and staff onsite. With an intuitive user interface, customizable check-in forms, and seamless integration with any access control system, these kiosks eliminate the need for long queues and paper-based methods at the front desk.

Highlighted Features

Intuitive user interface

Configurable and customizable questions

Seamless integration with any access control system

How Does It Work?

Expedite the check-in process for visitors

Provide visitors a quick way to register their presence without waiting for assistance at the front desk. This is particularly advantageous in busy workplace environments where visitors can bypass long lines and manual paperwork, leading to a more pleasant and welcoming experience when signing in upon arrival or signing out when leaving the facility.

Increase accountability with staff shift times

By using self check-in kiosks, staff members can quickly mark their attendance when clocking in and out without the need of attendance sheets by simply scanning their employee badges. This precision ultimately ensures an accurate roster of shift times for transparency and accountability in the workplace while allowing for a more modernized sign-in system for organizations.

Enhance patient check-ins for healthcare facilities

Self-service kiosks allow patients to check in independently for upcoming appointments through a user-friendly interface with detailed instructions, without the need for direct assistance from medical staff. By eliminating piles of paperwork to fill out prior to an appointment, self check-in kiosks can prevent the spread of infectious diseases at the front desk and expedite the attendance process for every visit once registered in the system.

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Rapid access and accurate documentation for contractors

For contractors, self check-in kiosks can streamline the entry process to work sites, ensuring they spend less time waiting and more time working. Kiosks can also be used to deliver essential information about safety protocols, check for necessary certifications, or issue visitor badges, ensuring compliance with site regulations.

Custom branded kiosks

It is our belief that your software and hardware solution from Savance should have a look that fits your company, not ours. We will design your self check-in kiosk to match or complement your specific branding and style that will leave a lasting impression when entering your facility.

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Ensure an efficient and productive check-in experience at your facility

Reduced wait times

Visitors can breeze through the check-in process, minimizing wait times at the front desk and avoiding frustrating queues. Experience efficient arrivals and keep your operations running smoothly.

Automated data capture for compliance

Automatically capture visitor records to ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies without manual effort. Say goodbye to paperwork headaches and hello to effortless compliance.

Improved visitor experience

Offer your visitors a seamless and modern check-in experience with our kiosks. By eliminating manual paperwork and streamlining the process, we enhance visitor satisfaction, leaving a lasting positive impression.

The Forest at Duke Case Study Illustration: Savance + PDK Access Control Integration

The Forest at Duke

  • It streamlined the process, took the paper out of the equation, and removed the need for an actual person to man the screening station.
Messer Case Study Illustration


  • Savance provides great support and have customizable, easy-to-use solutions for issues like ours.

Children’s National Health

  • The significance is visibility. Patients see where they stand in the queue. Staff can proactively keep workflows moving. And administrators base staffing and scheduling decisions on real data.

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Self Check-In Kiosks

A seamless check-in experience that’s easy-to-use for visitors, contractors, and staff